Knights Rush Hands-On Preview and Video

You may remember a little game from last year called Knight Onrush from Chillingo. It was a flick-based defense game where you had to pick up and fling waves of knights before they stormed your castle gates. It inspired a sub-genre exclusive to the iPhone: a survival form of castle defense. Now the sequel, Knights Rush, is moving away from the original formula and more towards a Golden Axe-style side-scrolling beat ‘˜em up.

Knights Rush resembles the recent Xbox Live cult hit Castle Crashers, with its over-the-top cartoony graphics. In fact, it’s so over the top that we occasionally had trouble following the action onscreen. One level had giant tarantulas mixed with miniature catapults, and another had spiked barrel traps next to explosives on springs.

The mapcap action can be hectic, but you’ll have three different characters to choose from to try to make it manageable. One carries a hammer and moves slowly, while another uses two sickles and is much faster. A well-rounded knight from the first game is your balanced hero. You can only switch between characters before you jump into a level (literally– you have to smack a stone, open a portal, and jump inside to start each stage).

Knights Rush includes a survival mode, sort of like the free game A Quest of Knights Onrush, and high scores using Chillingo’s Crystal network. The wild visuals certainly looked great, but it might be just a bit too hyperactive to get a handle on. That’s our main concern in a game that otherwise looks like it will be a real gem when it comes out later this month.

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