Kingdom Conquest Preview

Sega and developer CS1 are working on a new freemium iPhone MMO for hardcore gamers, a third-person hack-and-slash, and a city-building simulation. Amazingly, all of these can be found in one game: Kingdom Conquest.

Kingdom Conquest looks to take the model started by We Rule, but fills in the missing action scenes. Starting on a city screen, you can order buildings that will utilize your city’s resources, like iron or wheat. These buildings take time to construct, but that process can be hurried along with microtransactions.

Meanwhile, you can organize an army of monsters and use them to conquer nearby territory. Conquering is handled by the computer– you just choose your army from illustrated playing cards, choose a spot to conquer, and then see if you’re victorious based on your stats.

The action scenes start when you try to take over a tower, and this is where Kingdom Conquest really stands out. These towers each have five waves of bad guys, from bats and goblins to minotaurs, who attack you in an enclosed environment. You’ll run around in a third-person view, hacking at them with a barbarian, swordsman, or cleric. Completing the tower earns you loot, which improves both your city and your character.

Kingdom Conquest is free to play, and completely online, too. You will have to make alliances with other player-controlled cities to conquer the most towers, and up to four friends can join in on the third-person tower raids. It’s a startlingly complex, ambitious idea, and we’re glad a respected developer like CS1 (makers of Yakuza and Super Monkey Ball) are pushing the limits of freemium gaming on the iPhone. Kingdom Conquest will be out in late Fall.

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