Implode! Hands-On Preview

Studying a chalkboard blueprint, thoughtfully placing explosive charges, and pressing the plunger’” these are the three simple steps to blasting through 60 levels of carefully controlled detonations in Implode!, an upcoming demolition game from IUGO. Well, that, and watching every building cave in on itself.

Each stage consists of a chalk drawing of a building you’re supposed to bring down, and a handful of dynamite that you can place on certain joints. When you press the big button, the dynamite will pop out a tiny section of the beam you placed it on, hopefully causing the structure to collapse. A dashed line tells you the goal for the height of rubble you’re meant to leave behind.

In later levels, you’ll also get barrels of powder, which blow out the beams more forcibly, and nearby buildings which can’t be hit at all by the debris. You’re also rated from D to A+ based on the amount of explosives you use and the final height of the rubble.

We had a lot of fun burning through the levels on casual mode, which is less picky about how complete your demolition is. With this much freedom, we didn’t have to be too careful with how we placed the bombs; we could just set them up willy-nilly.

On veteran and advanced modes, though, you have to bring every structure even lower to the ground, requiring a bit more planning. The advantage, though, is you earn bonus points on the harder levels, which will push you closer to an A+ rating. At the end of the game, you can upload your total score to online leaderboards.

The build we had was basically complete, so you can expect to see Implode! on the App Store shortly, followed immediately by our review.

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