iMech Hands-On

In iMech, robot fighting feels much more substantial than in other games we’ve played recently. These chunky chassis have a heavy gait, and their weapons are slow to charge and discharge, but the satisfaction of blowing a real live opponent to smoldering rubble with a giant frickin’ laser beam is incredible.

Boasting online multiplayer for four in our demo, and possibly eight in the final game, iMech is light on simulation but heavy on the arcade maneuvering. While enemy bots are distracted in a firefight, you can sneak up from the side or behind, turn on your flamethrower, and keep draining their shields as you circle-strafe them.

The main challenge with the controls is tapping twice and holding to charge or fire weapons, but otherwise it’s easy to move and shoot using the virtual joysticks in each corner. You can’t aim up or down, which means you have to be a certain distance from your enemies the entire time you’re shooting at them. Visually, the gritty graphics are a little too dark, although each of the mechs has a unique look. One resembles a metallic spider, while another looks like a transformer with a huge gun.

We had a lot of fun in our brief hands-on with iMech. We laughed aloud when we blew up at the exact same time as an opponent, and at least once we exploded two mechs with one fully charged laser beam. In skirmishes around the map, we’d steal kills from weakened opponents, and then sneak attack the remaining mech. It may not be deep, but iMech is a robot fighting game worth waiting for.

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