iDracula First Look

We’ve added an iDracula gameplay video that MoreGames put up on YouTube yesterday. It confirms the game’s two-stick shooter gameplay model, and it also shows off its fluid animation, which is superior to we’ve come to expect from 99 cent games.

Touch Arcade also notes that iDracula will be available on or around this Friday, February 20th.

[from Touch Arcade]

Chillingo has brought out some excellent iPhone games in the past, including titles like Sneezies, Bike or Die 2, and Orions: Legend of Wizards. The publisher is looking to keep its streak going with iDracula, a stylish new action game that will be hitting the App Store in the near future.

iDracula is under development by MoreGames Entertainment, the same shop that created Orions, and the screenshots posted by Chillingo on the Touch Arcade forums look phenomenal. We know next to nothing about the game, but judging from the screens and from Chillingo’s comments, it looks like iDracula will be a budget-priced (99 cent) title with dual-stick shooter gameplay–one virtual d-pad to run, and the other to aim your gun. The publisher also mentioned that the game will have a heavy loot-gathering dynamic, which brings Diablo to mind, considering the Gothic setting.

We’ll try to glean more details about iDracula from the source. In the meantime, we’ve reposted the screens so you can see for yourself.

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