Hysteria Project First Look

While bumming around YouTube recently, we ran into a couple of truly bizarre (but effective!) trailers for a new iPhone game called Hysteria Project, currently under development by French gamehouse BulkyPix.

Cryptic, aren’t they? We had to know more, so we got in touch with project lead Vincent Dondaine to try to glean some more details. He told us that the game’s story is confidential until the end of next week, but he did reveal a few tantalizing scraps about the gameplay:

“In fact it’s a Dragon’s Lair-like game but in a totally different visual style. You will have short video sequences and at the end of each a choice. The videos are really like in the teaser. The hero will be the player… It will be an episodic game.”

Dondaine also told us that the game will be released sometime in February.

For those that aren’t familiar, Dragon’s Lair was a fully animated third-person adventure that was quite unlike anything else in arcades when it came out in 1983. It would play a short snippet of the cartoon, require the player to make a snap decision, and then display the (frequently hilarious) result.

BulkyPix was founded by veterans of Vivendi Games Mobile’s Paris studio after its dissolution in late 2008 during the Activision Blizzard merger. The BulkyPix team worked on well-regarded iPhone games like Crash Nitro Kart 3D and Virtual Villagers for VGM, so we are looking forward to seeing what they come up with independently.

Disclosure: Steve used to work for VGM’s Centerscore studio in California.

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