HotField First Look

Developer C2Matrix posted in our Forums about HotField, the company’s new top-down space shooter for the iPhone. It looks pretty rippin’!

HotField seems like a blend of five or six popular top-down shooters; there’s a little bit of Raiden in there, definitely some Ikaruga, and maybe even a touch of the iPhone’s own Space Ninja. The game’s got “bullet time,” a shield-charging mechanic, multiple control schemes, and gameplay recording, to name just a few features. Here’s the full list:

# 3 type of ships with 4 level major fire.

# 6 stages, 6 mega bosses, 5 game modes.

# “bullet-time”, “Fury state”, amazing and addictive gameplay system.

# Boss mode for fight with bosses.

# Load/Save game.

# Online top 10, one click to sync your scores to global server.

# Record your playing for replay later.

# Textured and huge 3d live elements, 3D layers.

# Plenty of blended sprites.

# Vibration support.

# Original background music and sound effect, volumn adjustable.

# Support portrait and landscape display mode.

And the video from AppTheater (if the video doesn’t display on your browser, try clicking on the Full Screen button):

The game was submitted on March 3rd, so it ought to appear on the App Store relatively soon. No word on price yet.

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