Hero of Sparta First Look

After downloading Gameloft’s Hero of Sparta, we spent an hour or two running around gutting a whole storybook full of mythical creatures, from bunches of standard trolls to Centaurs and Cyclopses. Man, it feels good!

As you can see in the below video, Hero of Sparta is a fine-looking game. Gameloft seems to be trading frame rate for more advanced textures, and from what we’ve seen so far we think it’s been the right choice overall. The environments and character models have an excellent level of detail, which translates to kickass close-in fighting. However, there’s a clear trade-off when the camera zooms out for larger battles, and the frame rate chokes a little.

The eponymous Spartan, King Argos, is a tremendous badass. That wimp Kratos needed multiple attack buttons to do his thing on consoles; Argos accomplishes many similar tricks with one. There is some nuance to how you use the basic attack, though. You get different results depending on the context, as well as by tapping and holding the button in patterns. Plus, the game sprinkles in a fair number of unorthodox touch events to test your reflexes–when dodging Cyclops’s meaty paws, for instance.

We’ll have to leave our impressions of Hero of Sparta at that for now, but we hope to have a full review up sometime tomorrow.

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