Hands-On With The Upcoming Ninjatown: Trees of Doom Updates

The next big Ninjatown update is here! The brand new Time Attack mode provides a brand new way to enjoy the game, with its own online high scores. Check out our video from E3 after the jump.

One of our favorite things about the App Store are the frequents updates. Games can be retooled and given fresh content with ease. At E3, Venan Entertainment invited us by their booth to show off some of their updates for Ninjatown: Trees of Doom.

We’re big fans of Ninjatown here at STP. The game received our illustrious Game of the Month award in May and earned a “Must Have” status in our review. Needless to say, we were pleased to see that Venan plans to add more content to the game over the summer.

The update will bring with it a new skin for the game that will change the visuals completely. The new skin is a sort of doodle version of Ninjatown that we were told feels more like the concept art provided by the creator Shawn Smith.

There is also a new game mode in the works that will be released sometime this week. It’s a time attack mode, where you have 25 seconds to climb as high as possible, gaining just 15 seconds for every hundred feet.

When you’re not taking your time to climb, the game becomes much more frantic. However, if you get hit by an enemy, you only lose a bit of time, not your entire progress.

We also tried out the iPad version of Ninjatown. Check out the video below to see it in action with Time Attack mode. The iPad version seems to run smoothly and the visuals are crisp. It will released sometime next month.

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