Gun Bros. Hands-On Preview

There are hundreds of dual-stick shooters on the App Store right now, but exactly zero of them have been made by Glu. This is their first entry in the genre, and from what we played, it’s turning out to be a pretty good one.

Gun Bros. will be a free download, and side-purchase pay-gates have not been finalized yet. But the game itself is looking pretty slick, and it stars steroid-enhanced action heroes with the hilarious names of Francis and Percy Gun.

You can outfit the Gun brothers with ridiculous gear, like spiked shoulder pads and neon Tron tights, then load them up with weapons like dual-wield pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, rocket launchers, and more. Some of the more ludicrous weapons include a triple chaingun, pistols that shoot machetes, and a shuriken cannon called the shuricannon.

To play, you choose a planet (the one we play was tentatively titled ‘Lava Planet’) and then a revolution, or series of waves. Each revolution has 50 waves, and they start simple and ramp up. With every enemy robot, soldier, or walking tank you destroy, you’ll get experience points, plus gold for buying new weapons, gear, and powerups.

You’ll also pick up Xplodium, a rare mineral that apparently comes from the same periodic table of fantasy elements as Unobtanium and Kryptonite. Xplodium has to be processed before you can cash it in for gold, and you’ll be able to unlock additional processing chambers that give you a multiplier bonus if you wait a few hours before picking up your gold. And, thank goodness, we’re assured your gold won’t rot if you skip a few days, like in many other freemium games.

Another interesting feature is the “Brotherhood” in-game friends list, which will let you play alongside an A.I. companion who will wear the same gear that your friends have customized for themselves. You’ll both get a bonus if you play with your friend’s character, so it pays to team up with all of your different buddies.

Gun Bros. was one of the more promising titles we saw at Glu’s Gamer Day, probably because we’re hardcore action gamers at heart who pay attention when someone starts throwing around the word ‘shuricannon’. Look for Gun Bros for free on the App Store in late October.

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