Guerrilla Bob Hands-On Preview

We’ve found that twin-stick shooters are perfectly suited for the iPhone, since you can keep most of the screen clear of your fingers and still maintain a great degree of precision. While one of the slickest twin-stick shooters, Minigore, is in the endless survival style, Guerrilla Bob is a level-based shooter that reminded us at times of the classic arcade and NES game Ikari Warriors.

In our three-level preview build, we controlled Bob through a few desert campgrounds, where adorable terrorists popped out of tents to shoot at our hero. These enemies take quite a few hits to take down, even with bigger weapons like rocket launchers, but their toughness made maneuvering through the level a bit more fun. After all, if they went down with one shot it wouldn’t be much of a challenge.

A variety of foes greeted Guerrilla Bob, some tossing explosives (big, round Acme-cartoon style bombs) and some rushing towards us with TNT barrels. Later, we evaded a bulldozer driven by a boss character, and faced off against him again when he had dismounted. With most of these early enemies, circle-strafing was always the best tactic.

The first few levels are straight paths, with some very short alcoves for powerups and weapons. We were given a machine gun to start and soon upgraded to a rocket launcher and flamethrower, but the machine gun was consistently our weapon of choice, especially when we could upgrade it a few times by locating rare powerup icons.

There wasn’t a noticeable amount of variety in the weapons, but we did like the different types of levels we played. A later level, for example, sticks Bob on a raft to float helplessly downstream, trading fire with enemies. The lack of mobility in this segment takes the circle-strafing strategy and renders it useless.

We think Guerrilla Bob has some excellent visuals, with fluid animation and a colorful style. However, if the levels are too straightforward and the weapons aren’t varied enough, it may only be enough to interest us for one playthrough. There is also an intriguing “online” option we weren’t able to take advantage of in our early build, so maybe that’s where the replayability will come in. We hope to bring you more on Guerrilla Bob, including the price and release date, as soon as we can.

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