Gravity Runner Hands-On Preview

We’re sure many of our readers could handle platformers like Super Mario Brothers or Canabalt with one arm behind their back and blindfolded. But how about upside-down? Gravity Runner is an iPhone platformer with a vertigo-inducing twist.

Hitting the jump button twice in Gravity Runner doesn’t give you a boost like most platformers. Instead, it flips the gravity upside-down, allowing you to run on the ceilings and avoid spikes or large pits.

Gravity Runner contains 28 individual levels, where you can compete for the best time and upload your high scores to OpenFeint. There’s also a randomly-generated endless mode, which is always a welcome addition to games like these.

Your runner moves at a set speed, but getting caught on the environment and losing lives will hurt your top time. You can also shave a few seconds off your time by flying through the air– the more time you spend jumping and falling, the faster you’ll move.

On top of this, you’ll receive a gold trophy for completing a level with no lost lives. If you’re a player with pride, you’ll probably revisit earlier levels to make them through in one solid run.

Gravity Runner has a cool retro-styled look, sort of like Pix’n Love Rush, with large pixels making up the Mario-inspired environment. It’s also got a catchy soundtrack, which you can hear in the video below.

Gravity Runner will be out on the App Store in August, and if you’ve ever wanted Canabalt, Pix’n Love Rush, and The Impossible Game wrapped up in one app, this looks like it could be it.

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