Glyder 2 Hands-On Preview and Video

If you still haven’t played our April Game of the Month, Glyder, you’ve still got time before the sequel hits the App Store in December. Dipping your wings in the clouds, diving to build up speed, and soaring to new heights make Glyder and its sequel among the most soothing and challenging iPhone games we’ve played.

Glyder 2 will apparently continue the successful formula of the original, while adding tons of new challenges, locations, and personality. The new challenges we saw involved picking up and delivering villagers, who appear as little flying demon creatures. This is in addition to the game’s reworked waypoint travels, which will now urge you through various flight paths using colored rings. In addition, Glyder 2 will also encourage you to replay certain sections to unlock new wing types and costumes.

For example, in the desert Oasis level, you can complete a challenge that will award you a key that can be used in a lava-themed level. Use that key, and you’ll gain a set of Phoenix wings, which will let you enter an ice cavern in a different level. These multi-part challenges will mix up the game’s locations to make Glyder 2 even more of a free-form experience.

Speaking of Phoenix wings, the most interesting new aspect of Glyder 2 is that you can customize your heroine Eryn with different wing types, which are also associated with different stats. Some wings will let you reach a higher top speed or altitude, and others will let you turn corners more sharply. You can also wear different costumes, like a full black ninja outfit that we tried on, which you can see in the video below.

Some of these new wing designs were downright gorgeous. The Quetzal wings, for example, are beautiful red, blue, and green feathers, while the energy wings are crackling with light. When the game launches there will be ten sets of wings and ten outfits, which you can mix and match, with more planned for free future updates.

We were very excited to spend some time playing Glyder 2. The controls were exactly like we remember from the first game, but with the new customization and some interesting new locations, like sea cliffs dotted with waterfalls, this feels like a substantial upgrade. The game is still a few months away, and the price is yet to be determined, but Glu expects to have the final version done in December.

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