GDC 2009: Zenonia Hands-On

We just added our preview video of Zenonia. HD resolution should arrive in a few more hours.

Korean mobile publisher Gamevil has done extremely well with Baseball Superstars 2009, and it will soon brings its second game to the App Store: an action-RPG called Zenonia.

Zenonia has been wildly popular in the Korean mobile market, selling 600,000 copies so far, and we can see why. The game looks like a souped-up version of Legend of Zelda: A Link To the Past for the SNES, with more animation, brighter colors, and more complex gameplay.

You play from the same overhead perspective, using a virtual d-pad and buttons to move your character, mount attacks, and use skills. A double-tap in a direction executes a dash attack, and touching slots at the bottom of the screen pulls off special magical techniques.

But Zenonia also has the gameplay guts of a full RPG. You talk to townsfolk to get quests, which take you all over the map and earn you experience points. There are literally thousands of weapons and items to collect and a full Diablo-like skill tree.

Gamevil digs down all the way to the little details. For instance, if you’re carrying too much stuff, you’ll be unable to move quickly. The game has a 24-hour clock, day/night cycle, and realistic weather. This clearly isn’t a casual offering; Gamevil claims that the full adventure clocks in at around 40 hours of gameplay. The company intends to add special micropayment-driven content like magic weapons when iPhone OS 3.0 rolls around, too.

The game was still in Korean when we played it, so we didn’t get a real clear idea of the story, other than the fact that it revolves standard good vs. evil themes. The moral dichotomy that seems tio be all the rage in game design these days is present in Zenonia as well, so your character can turn towards the dark side if you make the wrong choices.

Zenonia should be out sometime in May. The pricepoint is still under discussion, but Gamevil is looking at $5.99 or above, which seems reasonable to us for a game of this scope. We’ll have screens and video up later today.

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