GDC 2009: Trivial Pursuit Hands-On

Added HD video!

Out of the 14 iPhone games just announced by EA Mobile, Trivial Pursuit will be one of the first to hit the App Store. We spent some quality time with the title and found our knowledge base sorely tested… which is exactly what we’re looking for when playing Trivial Pursuit.

This version of Trivial Pursuit will feature four modes: Classic, which is a one-player version of the traditional board game; Multiplayer over Wi-Fi and Pass-and-Play; and a brand-new one-player game called Pursuit Mode.

We spent most of our preview time playing Pursuit Mode, where you attempt to traverse a maze by answering Trivial Pursuit questions as quickly as you can. The faster you come up with a correct answer, the more spaces you get to move–messing up won’t stop you completely, but it will slow your progress towards the goal to a crawl.

Meanwhile, the game adaptively adjusts the difficulty to how well you’re doing, so you never get too frustrated (in theory, anyway). You can also land on powerup spots that will offer you shortcuts across the level.

We enjoyed our time with Trivial Pursuit, which looks like a very polished offering. As we said, this game should be out in the very near future; it will probably be at the higher end of the price spectrum.

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