GDC 2009: Anytime Pool Hands-On

We met up with Distinctive Developments’ Nigel Little yesterday to check out Anytime Pool, a cool new Facebook Connect-enabled pool game that should be out in the very near future.

When you’ve got Anytime Pool on your iPhone (at a cost of $6-$7), you can play pool anytime, against any of your Facebook friends, whether they’re playing on iPhone or using the Facebook client. You can have up to 40 games going at once, and Anytime Pool switches from real-time to turn-based multiplayer automatically, depending on whether your opponent is playing at the same time.

Anytime Pool also offers a pass-and-play multiplayer mode, as well as a single-player mode that’s stocked with 14 CPU characters, for those who prefer solitary gaming to social. The game’s got three difficulty levels that provide varying amounts of shot assistance; on easy mode, you get aiming lines for multiple collisions, medium cuts it down to one collision, and hard eliminates them completely.

Anytime Pool should be released early next week in the US, and globally about a week later.

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