STP Hands-On: Gamevil’s Hybrid: Eternal Whisper

Earlier today, Slide To Play sat down with Gamevil USA president Kyu Lee for a hands-on look at their upcoming action title, tentatively named Hybrid: Eternal Whisper. Featuring gameplay similar to the Devil May Cry franchise, the game is currently in its second month of development and slated for release in September.

Though Hybrid’s a bit of a departure from Gamevil’s recently released Zenonia, Lee said he thinks fans of the RPG will still enjoy the side-scrolling, stylized action of this new project.

‘Zenonia focused more on story, leveling and the items,’ he said. ‘Hybrid is more focused on the skills and the action. It’s slightly different, but still skewed toward the core gamer audience. I think the audience will like the action.’

A port of a Korean title that’s been out since October, Hybrid’s biggest challenge for developers so far has been converting controls to a touch interface. But the early model we tried showed promise, as all of the actions are tied to basic touch gestures on the screen.

The story is a bit involved, as Lee admitted that even he couldn’t really explain the details to us. He did confirm that there are more text panels than Zenonia, which is certainly believable based on the number of Korean talk bubbles we saw. At 150 levels, this title is no slouch for content, and some of the maps in the 140-range featured some pretty hairy boss battles. The maps, which are relatively small and play rather quickly, mostly involve clearing out enemies.

An epic Hybrid boss battle

This is an early build for sure, and Lee was quick to point out the bugs and tweaks to the interface that they plan on fixing as they progress in the development. Lee said he felt the character model is too small for the iPhone screen at the moment, and with the conversion to the touch interface, the HUD may be redundant as the controls mature.

There are no online features as of yet, and Lee said it’s just a little too early in development to see where they’re going to go.

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