Galactic Gunner Hands-On

We got our hands on the first release candidate of Ezone’s upcoming space shooter, Galactic Gunner, a few days ago. After we gave it a thorough playthrough, its unique game experience had us impressed with this early build.

Rather than copying the formula of almost every space shooter, Galactic Gunner takes you out of the cockpit and and into gunner’s turret to protect mankind from an alien race called the Trepidoids. The ship is piloted by a computerized captain, which allowed the developer to make the game into one huge collection of interactive cinematic cut scenes. We had our doubts initially, but the twist on the gameplay actually works well.

The graphics are exceptional so far, on par with those of other space shooters including Galaxy on Fire. Each level has a distinct look and feel. The special effects, such as exploding asteroids and whizzing lasers, also bring a surprising level of realism–or at least what we imagine “real” space combat to be like. This early build sets expectations pretty high for the final release.

The controls are simple–tap to shoot–with precision and accuracy essential for success. Each of the game’s seven missions, as well as its survival mode, include cut scenes, witty voice acting and plenty of challenges, such as blasting your way through a meteor field and destroying the alien mothership equipped with layers of turrets… to say the least, it can get pretty crazy.

Galactic Gunner has seven missions to complete, as well as a survival mode that can be unlocked after you complete the story, 15 ranks and three save slots. Developer Simon Edis said that before the final build, Ezone plans to work on optimization to squeeze some better performance out of the device.

Ezone hopes to submit soon and have their game out in early June, according to Edis. It seems like a realistic mark, given that the game seems like it’s relatively complete as is. The current price set for the game upon release is $0.99, Edis said.

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