Four New Freeverse Games, Coming Up!

We’ve put up videos of Slotz Racer (without sound, but you can get a look at track editing and gameplay), as well as Days of Thunder. Enjoy!

OK, a snippet from Flick Sports Baseball is up too. Ian Smith, Freeverse founder, is doing the voiceover for us.

We just got the scoop on four upcoming Freeverse games on the Macworld show floor, courtesy of Marketing Director Brian Akaka and President Ian Smith!

First up is Slotz Racer, which is in late Beta and should be available later in January for $1.99. This is a casual racing game that simulates the experience of racing toy slotcars, down to constructing your own tracks.

You send these things zinging around the track with a single touch control to manage your acceleration; if you’re going too fast around a tight corner, you’ll go spinning off the track. However, there are a bunch of different cars available with various accelerations, top speeds, and cornering abilities, so you can find a car appropriate to your racing style.

The game also supports 4-player multiplayer on a single iDevice, giving each players a corner for their touch control, and zooming the camera out as appropriate to cover the action (Smith suggested that the game will add WiFi multiplayer via update at a later date). And, as mentioned, you can build your own tracks using a bunch of different pieces.

This zippy little game is a lot more fun than you’d think for a game with only one control!

Freeverse is developing Days of Thunder on behalf of Paramount, so there were fewer commercial details available; we still got to take a testdrive, though.

Freeverse built an all new engine for this racing game, which reminded us a little bit of Burnout. As you zoom around the track and collide with your opponents, both cars take damage; if you run into them enough, they’ll blow up and slough off the track entirely. You can roll into a pitstop for quick repairs, when necessary. Drafting behind other cars also plays a large part in the game, however, so you don’t want to eliminate all of your competition.

Cartoon cutscenes tell the timeless story between races. There are about 10 levels, and no multiplayer. No word yet on pricing or release date.

Flick Sports Baseball will be the newest entry in the Flick Sports series when it comes out sometime in February. Like the other FS games, this will focus mainly on the mechanics of the sport in question–batting and pitching, in this case. The game’s producer mentioned that those controls are still under development, but will probably involve a finger-swipe mechanic to control batting.

FS Baseball doesn’t have the MLB license, but you will be able to customize your league’s teams, as well as individual players. Smith demoed this for us very quickly, applying pinstripes and various jersey colors to his player with a touchable palette.

The game will also feature multiple stadius, as well as night and day play. Freeverse isn’t sure whether a full season mode will make it into the game yet.

Finally, Roads of Ruin is the furthest out in terms of being ready for the App Store (“at least a couple of months away”), so few details were available. Still, we found it the most exciting of Freeverse’s upcoming games. Freeverse described it as a “post-apocalyptic RPG/trading game” that’s one part Mad Max, one part Fallout, and one part Escape Velocity.

It’s set in 2023, after a nuclear war and the disintegration of the US into seven or eight warring sub-states. You play as a motorcycle courier that delivers important messages and goods from one enclave of civilization to another. As in Escape Velocity, the idea is to get rich via arbitrage: buy low in one town, and sell high in another. As you move from place you place, you’ll have to fight off assaults from highwaymen that pull even with your bike.

Interestingly, the game’s story was written by Brad Cook, who writes most of the content for Apple’s game page.

We’ve got video of some of these games, as well as a full interview with Ian Smith that we’ll be putting up as soon as we can.

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