Flight Control First Look

Aussie developer Firemint isn’t spending all of its time perfecting Real Racing. It’s got a couple other projects on the boil too, such as the just-released Flight Control, now available for 99 cents (normally $2.99).

Flight Control is a time management game in the vein of ATC 4.0–you’re trying to land planes on a few different runways–but it’s got a cartoonier look to it, and you can trace curved flight paths with your finger. It’s set in the “Golden Age of Flight,” complete with mini-skirted flight attendants offering you delicious milkshakes for solid play.

Another interesting note: According to the press release, Firemint has pledge to reveal first-month sales statistics of Flight Control “as a service to the development community,” as long as Apple is OK with it. That’s a nice bit of Good Samaritanism, to be sure.

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