Spore Origins First Look

Sunday the 7th has come and gone, and the App Store is still Sporeless. EA Mobile’s Spore page has reverted to “Coming in September” for an iPhone/iTouch release date. Gah.

Spore is now available on the App Store for $9.99. We’ll have our review up later today.

This item was actually under embargo until tomorrow morning, but since Gizmodo broke the story, we’re going to go ahead and post.

EA Mobile released the product info sheet for Spore Origins today, detailing the game’s features. As we already knew, the game focuses on Spore’s first evolutionary stage. Basically, you build a single-celled organism in the Creature Editor, and then pull yourself step-by-step out of the muck by going all Darwinian on the opposition through 35 stages. The gameplay is very similar to hit Flash and PS3 game fl0w, using the iPhone’s accelerometer in place of a SixAxis controller or mouse.

According to EA Mobile, your critter’s form factor will affect its attributes, in addition to how ugly it looks; we imagine this could mean that creatures with lots of eyes will have a better perception score, while smaller organisms might be more agile, and so on. The sheet mentions that the more rival protists you chow down on, the more powerful you get, which implies that you’ll be able to return to the Creature Editor as gameplay proceeds to buff up. There will also be 2 gameplay modes, Evolution and Survival, the former spanning the aforementioned 35 stages and the latter probably consisting of a one-shot play for points.

We’re excited to see how Spore Origins turned out, especially since Pocket Gamer has heard tell from Mr. Will Wright himself that there may be more Spore games in store for the iPhone. We’ll get a full review up on Sunday.

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