Real Soccer 2009 First Look

The world’s game is football soccer, and with the iPhone going world-wide, Gameloft is now prepared with Real Soccer 2009’‚ÄĚreleased today on the App Store at $9.99.

This is Gameloft’s first sports title for the iPhone, but comes from a long lineage of mobile sports titles from other platforms.

With nearly 200 licensed players and real team names, it promises to bring a great degree of detail and realism. Gameloft touts that players can “perform the most amazing soccer moves with the touch screen” as well as “play throw-ins and penalties by tilting your iPhone”.

Further, Gameloft promises a future update that will provide WiFi-based multiplayer.

We look forward to checking out Real Soccer 2009 shortly. If it’s anything like Asphalt 4 racing game we reviewed last week, we’re in for a treat.

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