Exclusive: Steam Pirates Preview

Since Mecho Wars hit the App Store earlier this year, we’ve been waiting to see what the next game from director Luc Bernard would be. On our recent podcast, Luc described his upcoming game Steam Pirates, and now we’ve got some of the very first screens and character art as well.

On our podcast, Luc Bernard described Steam Pirates as a turn-based, side-scrolling platformer/RPG featuring “fat cats, pugs, and pirates.”

“I guess it’s probably one of the most ridiculous ideas ever,” Bernard said. “But I think it’s going to work. I guess I just decided not even to think what kind of market there will be for the game… I’m just going to insert whatever I want in it, and see what happens.”

We were amazed to hear about “scary-looking skeleton mermaids in fish bowls”, giant ship battles, an ex-rock star main character who has done too many drugs and thinks his sword’s talking to him, and a mask-wearing villain whose face has been burned off in a fire. The combination of wacky and macabre in Steam Pirates makes it seem like it will have an entertaining sense of humor.

“I don’t even know what makes sense in this game,” Bernard admitted on our podcast.

The battles will be turn-based in Steam Pirates, which Bernard describes as being a calmer, more thoughtful approach compared to most action games on the iPhone. He also described the platforming sequences to be Metroid-like, with a Lost Vikings-like mix of different characters.

Ships will be upgradable for a separate set of battles as well, and a part of the game where you have to defend a “pug pub” from cat pirates will be similar to the flick-based Knights Onrush.

From this insane description, we can’t wait to play Steam Pirates. It’ll be out sometime early next year, and we hope to bring you more details soon. In the meantime, tune into our podcast to hear about Steam Pirates directly from Luc himself.

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