Dizzy Bee 2 First Look

“The Bee is Back.” That’s a slogan we hope never to see… on a movie poster for Jerry Seinfeld’s Bee Movie 2. We’re overjoyed to see it on the App Store, though. Dizzy Bee 2 just dropped for $2.99, and we’ve got some video and impressions for you.

The original Dizzy Bee, one of our original Must Have iPhone games, captured our attention with its whimsical presentation, and then held it with rock-solid gameplay. Dizzy Bee 2 is built on the same foundation as the first game, with several notable improvements.

For example, it’s now possible to hold your phone flat and tilt Dizzy Bee around, instead of having to hold it vertically and constantly flip it. Although the controls weren’t a problem in the original game, we’ve found that this makes precision maneuvers easier.

We’ve only had time to play a few levels, but it’s also clear to us that Igloo Games has gotten even more playful and experimental with its level designs. You can now get B-Dizzle (or the baddies) temporarily caught in spiderwebs, and we also encountered a pair of enemies that “fell in love” when in close proximity, rendering them harmless.

We’re going to play some more and try to get you this review ASAP. For now, enjoy our quick gameplay video.

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