Dexter Game Nearing Completion

Marc Ecko Entertainment and Icarus Studios brought us by their room at the E3 to update us on the progress of their upcoming Dexter iPhone game, which is based on a four-episode arc of the first season. Lead game designer Christopher Mifsud of Icarus said the game is 80 percent complete with its design features and 60 percent complete with its content, like voiceovers and art.

Anyone who follows the Dexter TV series knows that this show is dark. Mifsud said the game tries as best as it can to capture the spirit of the show, guiding players in a detective-style adventure game as Dexter metes out his own brand of gruesome vigilante justice.

Dexter: Making torture fun!

“This game is based on the Showtime version [of Dexter], not the CBS version,” Mifsud said. “But we’re working very closely with Apple.

“We’re not doing any gratuitous violence. We’re just sticking with the theme of the show.”

The game is a faithful re-creation of the sets and layouts from the show, even featuring the voice work of Michael C. Hall, who plays Dexter. Much of the detective work that Dexter performs in the show also must be done in the game. All this is done in the name of determine the guilt of your unwitting victim. Clues are gathered through an interactive gaming mechanic, such as digging up a fresh grave using touch buttons.

“We wanted to get away from the old style adventure games and make it a little more interactive,” Mifsud said.

Things get get much darker after Dexter gathers enough evidence to carry out his execution. In our playthrough of the first level, this involved prepping his “kill room” with plastic and tools, and then stalking the victim with a stealth gameplay mechanic–basically, staying out of sight.

Once our victim was caught, he was brought to the kill room, where you get to torture him with a variety of tools. We used the bonesaw.

There is no actual violence in the game, per se. The actual execution is carried out on a blacked-out screen, but the build up to the killing will most certainly have players taking a good long hard look at their moral compass.

Gameplay was deep from what we saw, even in this early build. The game is non-linear, so Dexter can take up multiple cases, as well as play a variety of forensic-style mini games.

“It’s a premium game,” Mifsud said. “We really want to push the envelope of what iPhone games will look like.”

Though there’s no set timetable, Mifsud could only give a general release date of later this summer.

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