Cut The Rope Hands-On Preview and Video

Angry Birds is a tough act to follow, and some direct clones like Cannon Cadets have failed to capture its charm and playability. We may have finally found a worthy successor to Angry Birds: The adorable physics-based puzzle game Cut The Rope.

As the game starts, a mysterious package lands at your doorstep. Inside is a creature called Omnom (perhaps he escaped from Nom?). Omnom has an appetite for candy, but you can only feed it to him via an elaborate series of strings, bubbles, and other objects.

In each level, you’re given a piece of candy attached to at least one piece of string. By swiping, you can cut the string and drop candy into Omnom’s waiting mouth. Sometimes you’ll have to time your cut so that the candy swings at just the right angle. Bubbles, which make your candy float, and spikes, which break your candy, complicate things significantly.

Like in Angry Birds, you’ll be ranked 1-3 stars for each level, but here you can get a higher rank by picking up stars within the level. We saw lots of levels, and more should be coming later in an update. Cut The Rope will also include Chillingo’s Crystal leaderboards and achievements.

From what we played of it, we think Cut the Rope is a lot of fun and could become rather popular when it hits the App Store in the next few weeks. It’s challenging, but a successful run through a level only takes a few seconds, making it extremely easy to get into. This is definitely one to watch out for.

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