Crystal Defenders First Look

We posted on Square Enix’s Crystal Defenders some time ago, noting the App’s potential to pull a lot of Squeenix fans into iPhone gaming. Now that the game’s out on the US App Store for $7.99, how’s the thing actually look? Kind of… gross.

The game looks about the same as it did in the first batch of screens we gleaned from the Japanese sites, except that half the screen is occupied by a janky-looking nav pad! We’re nowhere near ready to pass judgement on this game–although a full review is in the works–but this is certainly an unwelcome surprise. Maybe there’s a good reason for it; we’ll let you know soon.

In the meantime, contemplate these details from the App Store page:

“Crystal Defenders is a defensive strategy game in which players deploy popular jobs from FINAL FANTASY Tactics A2, such as Black Mages and Soldiers, to fend off encroaching enemy hordes and prevent them from stealing their party’s crystals.

Players can enjoy over 300 stages of action in one of three different game versions: W1, W2, and W3. In W1, players can learn game basics. In W2, the introduction of Power Crystals opens up new doors, allowing for deeper, more detailed strategies. Finally, the complex maps in W3 will challenge even the most seasoned players.

Simple touch panel-driven controls and up-tempo play make Crystal Defenders easily accessible whether at home or on the go!”

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