Cooking Mama First Look

Taito’s Cooking Mama is an action-puzzle game set in the kitchen, where you prepare all manner of delicious foodstuffs and get graded on your efforts. It was a surprise hit on Nintendo’s DS and Wii, and now it’s popped onto the App Store for $6.99!

From the App Store page:

“Popular the world over, the hit cooking action game ‘Cooking Mama’ is now available for the iPhone and iPod touch!

This edition features a generous helping of dishes from the home console series as well as plenty of never-before-seen cuisine!

The ‘Cooking Mama’ controls have also been optimized for use with the iPhone and iPod touch, ensuring a fresh play experience for even veterans of the home console releases!

‘Cooking Mama’ includes two fun game modes: ‘Let’s Cook,’ where players make meals with Mama, and ‘Cooking Contest,’ where players can freely practice a variety of recipes and techniques.”

We loved this game on the Nintendo DS, even though we could never get those damned octopus balls to turn out right. We’re hoping that the iPhone game got enough time in the oven, especially at that price. Here’s iKryptic’s (amusing) video review:

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