Car Jack Streets First Look

Tag Games has a new Car Jack Streets trailer up, which we’ve appended to the article. We’ve also uploaded a bunch of new screenshots depicting some crazy in-game situations (driving a street sweeper, gunning down cultists…).

Tag Games sent us two screenshots from the pre-alpha build of Car Jack Streets, its upcoming crime extravaganza for the iPhone.

The Scotland-based developer is billing Car Jack Streets as ” the closest thing to Grand Theft Auto on your iPhone.” Your character, an unlucky gambler, owes $1 million to the mob, and if you don’t cough up $50K a week, the wiseguys will take out their displeasure on your kneecaps.

As in the GTA games, there are many different sources of funds in Car Jack Streets; you can do things like assassinate gang members, steal cars, and run contraband to come up with the dough, and even supplement your ill-gotten gains on the right side of the law by delivering pizzas.

Car Jack Streets is planned for a January/February 2009 launch window. We’ll keep our eyes on this one and get you more info as it becomes available.

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