Capcom Arcade Hands-On Preview and Video

Capcom Arcade represents several firsts for Capcom. It’s their first freemium title, which means you can play it entirely for free with an option to pay more to play sooner, and it’s the first time they’ve released emulator versions of their classic arcade games.

In the initial early November release, Capcom Arcade will come with four titles for free, with more released every month. They are Street Fighter 2, Ghouls n Ghosts, 1942, and Commando. Each arcade cabinet is shown in a virtual arcade with smiling anime greeters.

Every day you’ll receive tokens that let you play any game for free, and these will refresh once a day. You can’t accumulate more than a set amount, though. If you want to keep playing beyond the initial free tokens, you can purchase more for a dollar, or buy an entire cabinet for around $4. Buying a cabinet lets you play as much as you like. There will be other DLC opportunities as well, like a cheat for Commando that gives you a bulletproof vest.

The games are all emulated nicely, with unique control schemes for each game. The arcade screens don’t quite fill the iPhone screen, though. We played Street Fighter 2, and while it’s a much slower game than Street Fighter 4, the controls worked pretty well. Ghouls n Ghosts was much more suited to the iPhone, though, moving at a very fast clip with solid platforming controls.

We love the potential of this pricing model matched with these great old games. Our only disappointment is that we won’t be seeing any console games like Mega Man in the virtual arcade, but we are holding out hope for the eventual addition of side-scrolling beat ‘em up X-Men: Children of the Atom. What Capcom arcade games do you want to see in future updates of Capcom Arcade?

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