Burning Monkey Casino First Look

Freeverse has just released a game play video of Burning Monkey Casino”¦

Freeverse–of Flick Fishing and Plank fame–is getting back to its true specialty: superheated simians. We just learned that Burning Monkey Casino is due to hit the App Store later this week.

According to the developer’s product sheet, Burning Monkey Casino features seven different games of chance, a few of which we don’t usually see in casino suites: Slots, Blackjack, Video Poker, Money Wheel, Pachinko, Scratch-N-Win Lotto, and 3 Card Monty.

This game is a substantially modified port of Freeverse’s Mac game of the same name (demo available here). For instance, the game count has gone from five to seven, and there’s an all-new iPhone interface. The Burning Monkey Casino also comes with its own cocktail waitress and lounge act.

We’ll keep a close eye on this one, and see if we can’t slot in a review when it goes live!

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