Brothers In Arms Hour Of Heroes First Impressions

We’ve had a chance to play through a few levels of Gameloft’s WWII-themed shoot ‘em up, and while we’re not ready to review it just yet, the game has made a fairly positive impression thus far.

The first thing we’ve noticed about Brothers In Arms Hour Of Heroes is that its combat action is nonstop, quite literally. The levels don’t last long–each scenario seems to take between five and ten minutes to beat–but practically every moment is filled with crazy scripted events, from firefights and planes bombing the battlefield to tank ambushes. We even saw a few scenes right out of the latest console BIA, Hell’s Highway, like the throw-down in an abandoned church.

Neither the framerate nor the textures are wonderful, but all the scripted moments lend the game an impressive cinematic quality. The sound design does wonders for the immersion level, too. It really sounds like you’re in the middle of a pitched battle, complete with the constant chattering of automatic weapons fire, and soldiers screaming in both German and English.

The jury is very much out on the game’s playability. We are thankful for the generous auto-aiming and prominent objective markers, but we found it pretty difficult to move around at first. We seemed to be getting stuck on objects and along walls fairly often. Practice helps, and there are alternate control schemes available as well.

We’ll report back with a full review ASAP. In the meantime, have a look at this gameplay video, which covers a firefight, a sniper battle, and a tank sequence.

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