Blades of Fury Hands-On

Blades of Fury is now available on the App Store. If you love Soulcalibur, go buy it for $6.99. Pricey, but seems like it’s worth it, from what we saw. A full review is coming soon.

Two opponents square off in a ring. One is a massive demon with a wicked blade, and the other is a scantily clad lady in a metal bikini, swinging a sword on a chain. This fighting game has a name, but don’t you dare call it Soulcalibur’” this is Blades of Fury.

Blades of Fury, coming in September from Gameloft, is an incredibly good-looking fighter with just a few basic controls. We picked up on the fighting style right away. A rounded D-pad in the corner lets you move towards or away from your opponent, and circle around him or her in the ring. There are two attack buttons, a horizontal and vertical strike, plus a block button. There is also a special attack button, which you can only activate when the bar fills up enough.

Believe us when we say that Blades of Fury looks amazing. This title is easily on par with any PSP fighter around. The character models are very detailed, and they taunt each other with voice-recorded insults. Our favorite? “This too shall pass. But you first!” It’s both inspirational, and insulting!

Blades of Fury contains a story mode, which in typical fighting game style is told only through conversations the characters have before each match. There is also an arcade mode, where you can jump into any matchup among the 10 characters. In addition, Blades of Fury contains a survival and practice mode, but we didn’t check them out in this play-through. Wifi and Bluetooth matchups will let you battle it out with another player, but there’s no online mode.

We loved the look of Blades of Fury, and the production values are excellent, but we worry that it won’t be deep enough for Soulcalibur experts. After all, like Dungeon Hunter, we haven’t played enough of it yet to know if Blades of Fury is really complex under the beautiful surface.

Will Blades of Fury impress hardcore fighting fans, or simply dazzle casual players? The game will be out this month, so we’ll know for sure very soon.

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