Blackbeard’s Assault First Look

STP Forums regular twokidtech dug up a gem on Vimeo earlier today–video of Warhorse Games’ upcoming Match-3 puzzler Blackbeard’s Assault.

This game is very similar to Zuma and Puzzloop. The matchables in question–cannonballs, in this case–form long lines that snake around your stationary cannon. You have to shoot your own balls into them to make matches and halt their progress towards their goal.

Blackbeard’s Assault differs from its ancestors in its use of multiple cannons (you have to switch back and forth to get the best shots). It also includes one-off mega powerups that blow gaping holes in the lines with appropriately nautical grapeshot and high explosives! We played a couple levels of the game’s Flash version and had a blast, pun very much intended.

Word on the street is that Blackbeard’s Assault will be appearing on the iPhone on or around November 11th. We will work to confirm that date. Mad props to twokidtech!

Blackbeard’s Assault iPhone Preview from Jim Warhurst on Vimeo.

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