Battle Bears GO Hands-On iPad Preview

Four months ago at GDC, we got our hands on a very early Battle Bears top-down shooter called Battle Bears -1. That game, along with a third-person 3D shooter called Battle Bears GO, must have both touched a cursed monkey head, because they’ve switched bodies. Now -1 is the third-person shooter, and GO is the top-down shooter.

At San Diego Comic-Con, among crowds of adoring fans who surrounded SkyVu’s new Huggable and Oliver mascots, we got to play a nearly complete version of Battle Bears GO on the iPad. The game’s inspiration is drawn even more directly from Smash TV than Battle Bears -1, with a top-down view and dual-stick control scheme.

One of the reasons GO migrated to the iPad from the iPhone is because of the amount of enemies you can see at one time on the larger screen. On the iPhone, the Huggables were nearly indistinguishable from pink and yellow ants. On the iPad, you can see fluffy limbs flapping around as you mow them down with a machine gun.

Speaking of weapons, they’re mostly the same as Battle Bears -1. That means instead of a unicorn crossbow, you’ll have more conventional weapons like a spread gun and rocket launcher. Updates are planned for all three games, though, which should increase the variety in the arsenal.

The most interesting addition to Battle Bears GO is the two-player cooperative mode. Sharing the same device, each player takes half of the screen for their dual-stick controls. Oliver and Riggs can both run around the arena, and it feels very much like Smash TV.

OpenFeint achievements will be included, but boss battles won’t make it at launch. SkyVu does plan to keep the updates coming, which makes us want to give them a big ol’ hug.

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