Archibald’s Adventures First Look

Pavel Tovarys of developer Rake in Grass dropped us a line about his team’s zany new iPhone platformer, Archibald’s Adventures.

Archibald (Archie to his friends) is an innocent skateboarder who’s sucked into nutty Prof. Klumpfus’s mansion, where biological experiments are running amok. You have to reach the central computer to reboot it, but that’s more than 100 levels full of traps, falls, automated turrets, acid droplets, slime monsters, and who knows what else away.

We’ve only played through the game’s tutorial levels so far, but we’re already happy with the tight platforming gameplay, which is managed with a touch d-pad. No jump button is necessary, either–when on his skateboard, Archie can flip right over obstacles that are a single block tall, and after three spaces’ worth of skating, he’ll pick up enough speed to automatically jump over gaps. It’s a clever way to address the simulated d-pad’s limitations, which frequently make precise jumps difficult.

Furthermore, it’s clear that puzzle elements have a large role in the level designs. We’ve encountered networks of switches, timed traps and jump puzzles that reminded us a bit of 2D classics like the Pitfall and Commander Keen games. The PC and Mac versions of Archibald’s Adventures have been well-reviewed, and we’re looking forward to seeing what else the mansion has in store.

Archibald’s Adventures is $7.99 in the App Store.

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