Aqua Moto Racing Hands-On

Resolution Interactive, the Swedish dev house behind Clusterball Arcade, just released Aqua Moto Racing, a $2.99 title that brings the wet and wild fun of jetski racing to the iPhone.

PWC (Private Watercraft) racing may not be one of the more popular “extreme sports”–a fast jetski is a lot more expensive than a skateboard, and it’s a noisy nuisance, too–but as anyone who’s gone out on the lake in a rental can attest, it’s a heck of a lot of fun. The beefier PWCs can hit speeds of 45-50 MPH, and they have bouncy, responsive handling that’s totally unlike other recreational vehicles.

Aqua Moto Racing offers up 18 different tracks, set in three different North American environments: Emerald Bay, the Everglades, and Long Beach Port. There are seven championships of increasing difficulty to beat; every time you finish in the money, you get to tune up your jetski to improve its acceleration, handling and the like. The game also makes use of Clusterball’s excellent online leaderboard and ghost racing features.

We gave Aqua Moto Racing a quick spin through the first couple of courses. The game runs very smoothly and exhibits appropriately zippy handling through the buoys; simply touching either side of the screen allows you to brake and boost. You can also take a quick look behind you by touching the bottom of the screen, to see whether you need to boost in front of approaching competition.

We’re planning on giving AMR a video review later this week on our Podcast. For now, here’s the developer’s video.

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