ADD, Star Hogs Nearing Release

Developer IUGO set aside part of their E3 schedule to shock us with arguably the most inappropriate iPhone title we’ve ever seen. And we totally mean that in a good way!

ADD, or Another Dumb Distraction, is a collection of mini-games that that most definitely skews toward our more baser comedic tastes. To be honest, it’s straight up, immature toilet humor–in other words, the best kind of humor.

Better start diggin’ for gold!

Much like its title would suggest, ADD fires off mini-games in randomized, rapid-fire fashion, each requiring no more than a few seconds to complete. The goal is to go through as many games as possible on three lives, or one if you’re on the Hardcore mode. Each subsequent mini-game has a shorter time limit, so things can get pretty intense in a hurry.

There’s a wide variety of games, for sure, and as a whole, they do a good job taking advantage of the iPhone’s capabilities. Some of the game types involve snapping off a rat tail in the locker room with the accelerometer, picking the correct urinal (guys, you know what we mean), and virtual nose-picking.

“We’re anticipating the option that [ADD] could get rejected,” IUGO director of business development Sarah Thomson said. “I think we might be pushing the limits with our future updates.”

CEO Hong-Yee Wong said they wanted to get the game up first with relatively safe content, and then take the big risks in the updates.

The eternal pee dilemma: Cleanliness vs. awkwardness

IUGO is guaranteeing three updates, which would push the total number of mini-games to 108. ADD will launch at full-price, somewhere between $4-5, and will be submitted to the App Store some time in the next two weeks, Thomson said.

IUGO also showed us Star Hogs, a turn-based strategy game set in space. The game clocks in at about 6-8 hours of gameplay spread across 32 maps, Thomson said.

Gameplay is based around a planet with an asteroid belt, which is a different shape depending on the planet. Players take turns shooting a variety of weapons, like rockets or cluster bombs, at each other until there’s one left standings. Multiple actions can be used during each turn, determined by an energy bar on the HUD. Each side can use multiple ships of varying types, ranging from intelligence to straight combat, during each match, if they can afford it.

The learning curve is based on figuring out the trajectory your missiles based on the gravitational pull of the planet. Star Hogs does a good job taking the guesswork out of walking your missiles in, which is handled through a marker on the shot power meter. The power level of your previous shot is labeled so you can adjust accordingly.

“I’ve never played a turn-based strategy game before in my life,” Thomson said, who also added that she plays the game quite often now, unlocking all the levels. “But this is a game you can learn at a good pace that won’t frustrate you.”

Boom goes the dynamite…

The game’s multiplayer mode will feature play over the Internet, supporting up to four players. Matches are ranked with an online leaderboard to keep the game balanced, Wong said.

Star Hogs also is due for submission to the App Store in the next week and will launch between $3-4, Thomson said.

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