Across Age Exclusive Preview

FDG has released some excellent new video of Across Age in action. The game really does look a lot like Zelda, with two playable characters that you will have to separate from time to time, like sending one up a ledge to hit a switch so the other can pass. We’ve got the video after the jump.

We have another trailer for the game, this one featuring part of the intro cutscene. We really enjoy the music and art in this trailer! There’s also a snippit of gameplay at the end, but you can see more of that in the first trailer. Check out both videos after the break.

FDG Entertainment, a German company that has produced a string of popular iPhone games like Bobby Carrot and Parachute Panic, gave us the first look at their next game Across Age, which was made along with Japanese developer Exe Create. In what is sure to be good news for RPG fans, it turns out that Across Age appears to combine elements from both Zenonia and Chrono Trigger.

According to the game’s project lead Philipp Doeschl, Across Age is a fifteen hour action-RPG with time-traveling elements. Doeschl introduced us to the basic story, saying that “the kingdom is threatened by the evil count Agrean. Eager to upset these plans, Ales, a swordsman from the kingdom´s capitol, departs on his journey and is looking for the help of a mage master called Ceska.”

To help set the level design apart in Across Age, Doeschl also told us “it is possible to travel through time and there are cool riddles and events based on this feature.”

Along the way, you’ll always have a time-travel buddy with you. “The player controls a party of two characters from the beginning of the game (Ales and Ceska),” Doeschl told us. “It is possible to choose which one of them takes the lead at any time. According to which character is controlled, the player can use different skills.

“Sometimes it is even necessary that both characters take different ways. For example, when a switch is hidden on a ledge, Ales can give Ceska a leg up to climb the ledge. From this moment on, both characters will need to go different ways until they meet up again.”

Each character also has different weapons they can use, but they’ll level up at the same time. “Ales equips swords and armor,” Doeschl said. “He will also learn some special melee skills, which greatly help him in cutting his way through the enemy hordes. Ceska, as a mage, uses all kinds of staves, rods, magical wands and wears robes.

“Along with a standard long-ranged attack spell which doesn´t consume MP, she´s able to cast powerful fireballs, ice spells and more in exchange for MP. These element-based magics are also used for solving puzzles throughout the game.”

Hopefully, with lots of side-quests, Across Age should provide a lot of variety. Across Age will also have a linear storyline with just one ending, but the time-travel twist could help keep things interesting.

We’re also told you can “recycle” items via time travel, which is an interesting angle on inventory management. We’re looking forward to finding out more about how this works in the final game.

Across Age will be out this winter and cost $9.99. We’re hoping that for a premium price, Across Age will deliver the lengthy, in-depth experience we’ve come to expect from our RPGs. Now, we just wish we had a way to jump ahead in time to the day it’s available on the App Store.

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