Above And Beyond Air Combat Preview

We just spoke with 17 year old Josh Rosen, whose original game SciFly impressed us so much that we invited him to be on our podcast a few months back. Today he told us all about SciFly 2, now called Above and Beyond Air Combat, and also shared with us some brand new screenshots and a new trailer.

Above and Beyond is “designed to be a very arcade-style air combat game,” Josh told us. “I wanted to focus on the fun of shooting down enemies with tons of cool weapons. That’s how SciFly 1 started out. Above and Beyond expands on that much more, though.”

“The game is built around an open-world conquest structure where you fly in real time from island to island over an open ocean,” Josh said. “Conquering as you go, of course. Islands vary from tropical to volcano to glaciers and such. You gain credits and energy from each island you capture, which gets into the other main feature of the game: Customization.”

According to Josh, you will be able to upgrade your ship’s weapons, armor, and thrusters. The aircraft have different stat multipliers, and also different socket configurations, letting you add more upgrades. Currently, there are ten aircraft, and 15 weapons in the game.

Josh also explained to us how the game will play. “Basically, rotation is controlled by the accelerometer,” he said. “The screen is divided into four large buttons (fire, alt fire, boost and slow down). So each quadrant of the screen is a big button, you don’t have to carefully place your fingers on something small.”

“So with accelerometers controls, they’re fairly different from other flying games like FAST and such,” Josh said. “Instead of controlling pitch and roll, you control pitch and yaw. So when you tilt the device to the left, you aim left, similar to the way a First Person Shooter might work.”

Josh also tells us that Above and Beyond will include two arcade modes, including a time trial mini-game called Gauntlet that features obstacles and enemies. The other is a Survival mode, where you have to survive an onslaught of enemies to achieve a high score. Above and Beyond will also use Open Feint for score sharing and achievements.

We’ll bring you more on Above and Beyond Air Combat, including hands-on impressions, as soon as we can. The game is expected to come out in late September.

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