Previews via Zynga

NaturalMotion and Zynga Unveil Dawn of Titans Trailer

Mobile app developer NaturalMotion joined Zynga in 2014, then went quiet. Turns out the creators of Clumsy Ninja have been busy with its new project: An action / strategy game called Dawn of Titans. The first details about the game are available on Zynga’s blog.

Dawn of Titans embodies all the reasons why we love to make games at NaturalMotion. In short, we aim to create experiences that truly ‘wow’ players. We pride ourselves on doing the hard things – the things that do not seem possible. And like many of our games – Clumsy Ninja, CSR RacingDawn of Titans began with us asking what was possible to deliver on a mobile device.

Previews via AppSpy

AppSpy Previews GodFinger 2

As its name suggests, GodFinger 2 is the long-awaited follow-up to the practically ancient GodFinger that was released for mobile in 2010. Like its predecessor, GodFinger 2 is all about playing God with a planet full of happy little people. AppSpy has a preview of the game, which is currently in soft launch.