Fish Out of Water Hands-On Preview


It’s been over a year since Halfbrick has released a new game on the App Store. Instead, they’ve expanded their blockbuster hit Fruit Ninja to arcades, home consoles, board games, plush toys, and more. Halfbrick’s next game Fish Out of Water, just announced at GDC, also has the potential to become a hit, due to its enjoyable art style, and extremely easy pick-up-and-fling mechanics.


Dungeon Hunter 4 Hands-On Preview


Lots of great game series fizzle out after a few too many sequels, but some just go off the rails entirely due to a mistake in judgement on the part of the developers. Just look at EA’s recent SimCity launch on PC for a great example of how to disappoint your game’s fan base. Last year, Gameloft plunged a little too quickly into freemium monetization with Dungeon Hunter 3, a game that took a big step away from what made the series great: epic exploration and storytelling. Dungeon Hunter 4, available in April, brings back the plot-driven exploration, but also keeps the freemium model.


Updated: Alien vs Predator: Evolution Hands-On Preview


Alien vs. Predator: Evolution now has a launch date! According to Fox Digital Entertainment, it’ll be available on iOS and Android next Thursday, February 28. From our experience, that means it’ll actually hit the US App Store the night before. AvP: Evolution seemed a little rough around the edges when we played the preview, but it still looks nice, and has an ambitious alien life-cycle hook that could support a fun single-player campaign.

Slide To Play Q and A: Oceanhorn


Oceanhorn is an upcoming action RPG from Cornfox & Brothers and FDG Entertainment. If you want to get excited about the game, all you need to do is look at the screenshots and watch the early gameplay footage below. But there’s a lot more to Oceanhorn than just good looks. We recently chatted with designer/artist/creative director Heikki Repo about the game, and he has us pretty excited to get our hands on it when it launches later this year. Read on for the goods. (more…)

Real Racing 3 Hands-On Preview


After yesterday’s surprising announcement that Real Racing 3 has moved to a freemium model, we were curious about how this would change the feel of the landmark racing series. Now that we’ve spent some time playing the final version of the game, and had our questions answered by the developers from Fire Monkeys, we’re confident that Real Racing 3 will live up to its predecessors, with just a few annoying pay-gates– especially if you’re a reckless driver.


Kingdom Conquest 2 Hands-On Preview


In a year of big-name console ports like Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi, plus original mobile games based on popular brands like Total War Battles and Sonic Jump, one of Sega’s biggest iOS hits is based on a new IP: Kingdom Conquest. Sega told us that the original freemium game, which combines card-battling, city-building, and dungeon-crawling, now brings in an average of $100 from players. This means that while many users play it for free, there are some big spenders who break the bank trying to build up their virtual city and army. (more…)

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes Hands-On Preview


Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes has already lived two lives. The game is a unique puzzle/ strategy RPG that first came out for the Nintendo DS in 2010. The following year it was reborn as an HD game on the downloadable stores for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game’s third life begins on January 24, when it comes to the App Store as a universal app for $4.99. We’ve already taken it for a spin on the iPad; read on for the details. (more…)