Tiny Death Star Hands-On Preview


The Star Wars universe provides a unique opportunity for game developers to place familiar characters and settings into any genre they choose. Just this year, we’ve reviewed a Star Wars console RPG, collectible card game, and second Angry Birds spin-off. Now Disney has recruited Tiny Tower creators Nimblebit to build a Star Wars version of their popular freemium tower-building simulation. We spent some time with Tiny Death Star, which is available now in New Zealand and will be blowing up the entire planet soon.


Slide To Play Q and A: Schrodinger’s Cat: Raiders of the Lost Quark


Last year, we told you about some intriguing new gameplay concepts from the creators of the witty adventure series Hector: Badge of Carnage. Since then, one of those projects has nearly come to fruition, developed by a new studio called Italic Pig. We spoke with Kevin Beimers, the writer and producer of Hector, about his upcoming mobile game, Schrodinger’s Cat: Raiders of the Lost Quark.


Infinity Blade III Hands-On Preview


At last week’s iPhone 5S unveiling, Epic also announced Infinity Blade III, the latest in their groundbreaking swipe-combat series. iOS gamers won’t have to wait long to download IB3, since it’ll be available on the App Store next week, but we had a chance to play through it a few days early. The good news is that Infinity Blade III is still a stunning-looking game, and it adds a few minor features that complement the combat.


Fist of Awesome Hands-On Preview


Last year, a pixelated beat ‘em up called Fist of Awesome (from the creator of Hard Lines) reached its Kickstarter goals to undergo development for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Ouya.  After months of fighting bears and “punching up” the humor, the developers have let us know that Fist of Awesome is nearly ready for wide release. We had a chance to go hands-on with this absurd, highly entertaining brawler, so read on for details.


Hands-On With the First Hour of Terraria on iOS


Terraria, like its inspiration Minecraft, is a huge game with a lot to do. From the moment you’re dropped into this retro 2D world, you’ll have to start collecting supplies and build a shelter to survive the long nights ahead. If you don’t, you could find yourself torn apart by zombies or eaten by a giant underground worm. Here’s our beginner’s guide to the first hour of Terraria.


Plants vs. Zombies 2 Updated Hands-On Preview


After our E3 demo of Plants vs. Zombies 2, we were left desiring a lot more hands-on time to really get a feel for the game’s new freemium model. Now that PVZ 2 has soft launched in the New Zealand and Australian App Stores, we got exactly what we wanted– many more hours of planting defenses and knocking the heads off of hungry zombies. We’ve been playing it nonstop, and haven’t had to spend a dime so far.


Football Heroes Hands-On Preview


When I sat down to play Football Heroes, the pitch from the game’s creators at Run Games was somewhat weird. At its core, Football Heroes starts by drawing heavily from Tecmo Bowl’s classic and simplistic style of football. The next thing was infusing that proven formula with MOBA-inspired special attacks, like in League of Legends. Quite the unusual mix, but I parked the hype, and tried out Football Heroes for myself. (more…)

Hands-On with Konami’s Upcoming Games


I recently spent some time touring Konami’s upcoming slate of mobile games. There were a wide cross-section of games across multiple genres. That said, all of them had one thing in common: They will all will be launched with a free-to-play model. Hate it or love it, this is the new normal and Konami’s showing proves this new normal can be exciting based on it’s Summer 2013 lineup. (more…)

Bloodmasque Hands-On Preview


Amazing games like Chaos Rings and Song Summoner prove that when Square Enix puts their minds to developing a role-playing game for mobile devices, fans have reason to get excited. Bloodmasque is next in line, and it places you in the role of a vampire slayer traversing 19th century Paris. While story is always a key feature of RPGs, Bloodmasque’s big hook is letting you become a key figure in the story, literally. (more…)