Press Your Luck Stopping on iPhone

“Big money… no whammies… and STOP!” One of the most evocative phrases in TV gameshow history will soon be ringing through your iPhone’s headphones, if Quebecois publisher Ludia’s plans come to fruition.

Details straight from the press release:

“Developers say the Press Your Luck game will retain all of its favorite elements, rendered with a dynamic redesign, including hundreds of new trivia questions to answer, “spins” on an interactive giant game board, and the iconic Whammy providing never-before-seen animated antics.

Both single and multiplayer game modes will be supported, as well as reward systems to fuel competitive fun, and player avatars that can be customized and personalized.”

Press Your Luck is slated to appear sometime in 2009 on iPhone, PC, consoles, and iPods. We’ll be watching this one like one of those shifty Whammies.

[from Mediacaster]

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