Pre-Registration Open for Kingdom Conquest II

For a long time, our review of the original Kingdom Conquest was one of the most-read articles on this site. That’s probably because it was one of the early freemium games to offer the just right amount of content and strategy, without making players feel like they had to spend money to continue playing. Fans of that game are in luck, because Sega is bringing Kingdom Conquest II to the US soon. You can watch the trailer below, and pre-register now by clicking here.

The game has been available in Japan for about a month, but they haven’t announced an official worldwide release date yet. We do know that the game will be universal and free-to-play. And if you pre-register, you get two rare monster cards, so you might as well do it if you plan on trying the game out. For more details about Kingdom Conquest II, check out the game’s website.

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