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Power Pros Touch Review

Even though it has limbless characters and fake teams, you might still expect Power Pros Touch to deliver a solid game of baseball. Imagine our surprise when we found batting to be more of a home run derby affair than an actual baseball game, rendering this title pretty dull.

It’s a shame, because the batting and pitching mechanisms work pretty well. To pitch, you simply pick your pitch type and touch where you want the ball to go. Depending on how accurate your pitcher is, the ball will more or less go where you choose. You can slide your finger across the screen after the ball is thrown to put a little spin on it and fine-tune the aim.

To bat, you simply tap the screen where the ball is headed, marked by a circle. A larger circle will shrink as the ball closes in, helping you time when to hit. Dragging your finger upward after making contact with the ball will result in a power swing. Unfortunately, this is almost guaranteed to send the ball flying into the stands.

Swing for the bleachers, red team!

Even on the hardest difficulty level, it’s easy to belt five or six home runs in the first inning. The computer isn’t nearly as proficient at batting, oftentimes refusing to swing at close pitches. Once you have hitting down, most games end in blowouts. The game even has a mercy rule setting that can be enabled.

Fielding and baserunning default to automatic controls, but you can enable full control of baserunning and partial control of fielding, which allows you to at least throw the ball. The cartoon players here don’t have much in the way of arms, because the ball takes forever to get anywhere. A routine ground ball to shortstop can sometimes end up in a base hit.

There are six teams to choose from, with names like Dolphins and Golden Fox. The game doesn’t give you any sort of way to tell the differences between teams, so it’s hard to tell if one is any better than the other.

If you play a season, you’ll be able to pick starting lineups and manage your pitchers. The game keeps track of stats throughout the season, but we couldn’t tell if the players actually got any better or worse depending on how they did. They have colors next to their names which could suggest status, mood or even skill, but it wasn’t explained what these colors actually meant. More info in the help screen would be appreciated.

Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks… instead of this game.

Besides the stat tracking, season mode plays like a series of exhibition matches and isn’t terribly interesting. Compared to games like Baseball Superstars 2009 and 9 Innings: Pro Baseball, there is a serious lack of single player content. And while the hitting mechanic is fun, it pales in comparison to Baseball Slugger: Home Run Race 3D.

Power Pros Touch fails to excel at anything, and doesn’t even offer up a decent game of baseball. We wouldn’t recommend it unless you’ve already tried everything else.

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