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Pou Review

Most digital pets are talented at pooping, but Pou for iOS and Android probably marks the first time a digital pet actually is poop. Not that Pou ever suggests anything so crass, mind you. No, your new pal is an alien that just so happens to look like—that. Total coincidence. Yup.

Pou may not be the most cuddly alien in the universe, but he still depends on you for food, entertainment, cleanliness, and companionship. He needs to be fed regularly, cleaned up when he gets dirty (the old adage about “polishing a turd” comes to mind), and most importantly, he needs to have fun.


Pou offers a large selection of Pou-themed mini-games, and playing even one of them makes Pou a happy blob. None of the games are particularly original: There are a couple of variations on the match-3 formula, a Doodle Jump rip-off, a Bust-a-Move rip-off, and other familiar fare. There’s even a version of Connect 4 that you can play with a friend, provided someone signs up to play with you.

The games form the core experience in Pou, and while they’re all functional (barring the few tilt-based games, which you can’t calibrate), they’re not very impressive. Youngsters might be impressed with the experience, however. In fact, Pou is best suited for a young audience, period. Kids will love feeding Pou, dressing him up, and decorating his house. There’s even a feature that lets Pou parrot whatever you say into your device’s microphone—and yes, that includes swear words.


It’s nice to see that Pou’s appeal doesn’t rely entirely on toilet humor. That said, the mediocre games and pet simulator that you do receive aren’t overly exciting if you’re over the age of 12. If you have a kid brother or sister with a dead Tamagotchi, though, Pou might be a good replacement critter.

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