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Potty Racers Review

Videogame history has been leading up to this: a game that has you launch a Porta-Potty into the air and perform tricks on it like a BMX bike. Okay, so maybe this isn’t the pinnacle of the medium, but if you can accept the absurdity of the game’s set-up, you’re in for a surprisingly enjoyable (and stink-free) ride.

Like most public restrooms, Potty Racers isn’t pretty. The graphics are simple and cartoony, but they lack an inviting style that can make other similar games appealing. The music is also minimalistic: it’s short and repetitive. So if this game’s going to grab you, it’s through the gameplay.

Tricking out the ol’ poopmobile.

What you do in Potty Racers is outfit a Porta-John with wheels and an engine, knock it on its side, and push it down a hill like a bobsled. Once it’s moving at a suicidal clip, you hop on and ride it off a ramp, which makes you sail through the air like a smelly catapult boulder. In the air, it’s your time to shine. You tap trick buttons to perform handstands and flips, making some unseen crowd “Oooh” and “Ahhh” at your skills. The key is to finish the tricks and right your vehicle before you land. Your score is based on how high you jumped, how far you went, and how many tricks you squeezed in (or should we say “squeezed out”). You then spend your points on upgrades for your loo and start the process over again.

Four hills are included, each one more psychotically steep than the last. You unlock new hills by reaching certain height and distance requirements on jumps from the previous hills. There’s a surprising amount of strategy and excitement involved in judging whether or not you have time for another trick before you land. Should you go for the flip now or wait for the bounce after your first landing? One false move and you’ll end up in a very messy wreck.

Toilet paper makes the best banners.

Potty Racers isn’t a game you’ll be playing for weeks on end, but we’d be surprised if you quit before you’ve decked out your ride with the baddest-ass engine, rockets, wheels, and tricks. The game’s developer isn’t called AddictingGames for nothing. But like all of their games, if you don’t want to pay for it, you can play the entire thing for free in your browser right here.

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