PopCap Games Merchandise On The Way

Most of you have been dreaming about wearing Plants vs. Zombies boxer shorts while staring at a Bejeweled calendar. Like the immortal Hall & Oates, PopCap Games is making your dreams come true. The company has announced that it will be releasing a ton of licensed merchandise. The initial products will be Plants vs. Zombies goods, with swag based on Bejeweled and other games coming in 2013. Here’s the rundown.

Here’s a list of PopCap’s partners and the goods being made by those companies:

Bioworld Merchandising will be creating apparel, headwear, bags and accessories

Jazwares is developing a series of plush toys, figures and electronic accessories including headphones, USBs, speakers and device cases

Walls360 will be offering a starting line-up of wall graphics including individual characters and exclusive bundles

Funko will be creating Plants vs. Zombies versions of their distinctive Pop! Vinyl Figurines

MjC International is working on adult sleepwear and boxers

Trends International is developing calendars and posters

Any of the goods strike your fancy? What kind of gear do you want to see? What other PopCap Games would make for sweet licensed goods? Would you rock Peggle socks or a Zuma neckerchief?

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