Pong Turns 40, Atari Launches Pong World to Celebrate

Happy bloopin’ birthday to Atari’s Pong, which turns 40 today. While Pong technically wasn’t the first electronic game, it was the first to achieve mainstream success. To celebrate, Atari has unleashed Pong World on the App Store.

Pong World, as you may recall if your memory is up to snuff, won Atari’s Pong Indie Developer Challenge last summer. The classic table tennis-style gameplay is intact, though the game takes a few liberties with the original’s black background and spartan paddles, which have been replaced with grimacing critters. Say hello to Shaggy, Chompers, Sir Bouncelot, Razzle and Gnop. Each monster will do its best to keep the ball from falling into the void — but they need your help, of course.

Try downloading the game from the App Store. It’s free!

Here’s to 40 more years for Pong. By then, it will officially be allowed to shake its cane at video-based entertainment that will almost certainly be beamed directly into our heads at that point.

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